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Social Commitments

The Investment Corporation (“KDO”) and the Asset Management Company (“KFM”) contribute to the diversity of society while taking into account the social impact of our properties. KDO and KFM are committed to maintaining safety, confidence, good health, comfort and diversity regarding our tenants and the communities where KDO operates. Providing properties with environmental and social considerations is one of our material issues. Through our investments in many types of properties, KDO and KFM are making a contribution to lowering the overall environmental impact of society, providing greater convenience and achieving other forms of progress.

Improving Resilience for Disaster, etc.

KDO and KFM have identified “Improving resilience (adaptability for disasters, etc.)” as material topic and been making various initiatives to be prepared for emergency situations in KDO's own properties for the safety and security of tenants' employees, visitors and local communities.

Emergency Kit Box in Elevator

KDO has been placing boxes of emergency kit in the elevators in case of disaster and machine trouble (94.7% of its buildings have the boxes as of September 30, 2021).

Distribution of Emergency Action Manual Handbook

KDO published a pocket-sized, portable emergency action manual handbook and distributed to tenants for emergencies including major earthquakes.
The handbook contains various helpful information in an emergency across 17 pages, such as response to major earthquakes, emergency relief activities and how to use AED, etc.

Free Access to Wi-Fi

Focusing on business continuity, "Hikari Station" Wi-Fi routers are installed at KDO's own properties for the purpose of improving the internet environments to make them more disaster-resistant.
Free access to the internet via a wireless network is provided in case of an emergency to support tenants for business continuity. At ordinary times, tenants and visitors can access the wireless internet via Wi-Fi for a certain time for free.

Installation of AEDs

AEDs are installed approx. 99% of KDO's own properties (as of September 30, 2021). They are available not only for the tenants but for neighboring communities as well, which is displayed on the AED stickers and registered in the administrative map. For jointly owned properties with third parties, they will be gradually introduced.

Cooperation with Property Management Companies

Regular meeting is held with property management companies to share the status and points to improve for each property regarding BCP measures. In case of emergency, KFM and PM companies are to communicate closely to identify the damage and decide actions to be taken.
In addition, KFM conducts regular performance evaluation of PM companies and communicate the result and points to be improved for their intense management.

Improving Tenant Satisfaction

KDO and KFM have identified “Improving tenant satisfaction “as material topic and tries to enhance customer satisfaction through managing its properties. KDO and KFM are also dedicated to increasing the satisfaction of listed REIT investors. To improve the quality of the properties and management performance, KDO and KFM work in cooperation with property management companies, building management companies and other business partners.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction survey for tenants in office buildings, i.e. the persons in charge of general affairs and employees, about building facilities and operational services, which is undertaken by a third party is conducted in every two years as a general rule.
Consecutive survey enables us to capture the tenant needs and quickly respond by renewal of facilities or implement refurbishment and receive strong intention to stay in the same building from tenants.

Intention for continuous occupancy

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Renovation Work According to Tenant's Needs

Based on the outcome of the survey, appropriate replacement of equipment or renewal of facilities are undertaken, which increases tenant satisfaction. The action varies from entire renewal to partial replacement such as just for the entrance hall or the toilet and contribute to the improvement of tenant image and their convenience.

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Contribution to Local Communities

KDO, KFM and Kenedix, Inc., the parent company of KFM, have identified “Community engagement “as material topic and taking various unique initiatives to make positive contribution to the local communities.

Cooperating with Communities in Bicycle and Electric Kickboards Sharing

KDO has agreed to provide municipalities and its vendors with a part of land within site area of our office building and operated it as a port for bicycle sharing based on agreements. Also, KDO started providing sites for new electric kickboards' sharing ports.
It is expected to make many positive impacts such as enhancement of attractiveness of city with improved convenience of movement, vitalization of community/tourism, measure to reduce left bicycles, reduction of GHG emissions with shift from automobile to bicycle, improvement of environmental awareness, promotion of health. KDO continuously monitors monthly operation status and use frequency.

Support for the Activities of Japan for UNHCR

Infection prevention measures

Raise awareness about safety measures, put antiseptic solution at all properties and install UV-C disinfection upper air devices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through tenant employees and visitors within the building. Also, KFM distributed anti-bacterial “mask spray” at its expense to the tenants occupying the properties entirely owned by KDO to encourage to wear masks and strengthen the relationship with the tenants.

Support from the Asset Management Company for infectious disease control

In May 2020, in response to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 among the elderly and the increasing severity of symptoms, the Asset Management Company distributed a total of 16,500 masks for free to residents and others at 24 healthcare-related facilities owned by Kenedix Residential Next Investment Corporation, which is managed by the Asset Management Company.
Received many words of appreciation for this initiative at a time of widespread anxiety of the spread of COVID-19.

Donation to Mindanao Children's Library

Support supplies are collected in KFM and Kenedix, Inc. and provided regularly to the Mindanao Children's Library. By providing shoes, clothing, and stationery that are no longer needed by each employee, we provides support through recycling. Each year, local children who have received support supplies send us warm messages.

Donation Through Matching Gift Program

KFM and Kenedix, Inc. have conducted "matching donation", the initiative that the companies add up the donation on the donation from employees of us for the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, rainfall in July 2018, etc.

Recycling Calendars

Unused calendars are collected in KFM and Kenedix, Inc. to be distributed to elderly homes and social houses via social welfare corporations.

Social Contribution Initiatives by Kenedix, Inc.

High school student work experience
Kenedix, Inc. provided work experience opportunities for high school students. In addition to the tour of Kenedix, Inc.`s office, they learned about the structure of real estate, real estate funds, and the current status of women's empowerment.

Sponsorship of Hibiya Music Festival
The Hibiya Music Festival is a “borderless music festival that anyone can join for free,” held at Hibiya Park where is a central park in Tokyo. Kenedix, Inc. co-sponsors the Hibiya Music Festival, which is held in the Hibiya Park next to our office.

Donation and Support to Sports Organizations / Donation to orphanage
Activities for the support of sports include donations to the Japan Rowing Association and sponsoring the All Japan Ice Hockey Championships, we donate to children's homes.

Affordable Real Estate Leasing

KDO is mainly investing in and operating mid-sized office buildings in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Tokyo and its three neighboring prefectures: Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba). 87 buildings, about 91% of KDO portfolio is mid-sized offices (approx. 84% by acquisition price) and among them, the tenants who leased less than 200 tsubo (about 660 m2 as 1tsubo=3.3 m2) that KDO has been recognizing them as small and medium-sized enterprises, account for 86.2%. KDO and KFM are aiming to contribute through providing better working environment for those small to mid-sized companies that are the base of Japanese economy. (The ratios are as of October 31, 2021)

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Note: Based on the number of tenants in each office building. Tenants leasing more than one property are counted as 1 tenant for each building without aggregating by name-base
Source: Compiled by KFM based on "2014 Economic Census for Business Frame Tokyo (revised results) (as of March 27, 2017)"