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Kenedix Office Investment Corporation (KDO) has listed on the Real Estate Investment Trust Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. since July 2005, improved the portfolio quality and accomplished sales and profit growth. We have applied the real estate and finance expertise of the staff at the group of our sponsor Kenedix, Inc., and our asset manager Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc. in the management of KDO, and promptly and flexibly managed our portfolio based on economic and real estate market trends. Moreover, we have continued to expand the portfolio size through not only pipeline for property acquisition from the sponsor but also the proprietary network, and built a robust portfolio consisting of excellent properties, earning confidence among Japanese and overseas institutional investors and lenders.

KDO is focused primarily on mid-sized office buildings in Tokyo. Contrary to the common perception of Tokyo office buildings being mainly headquarters of large corporations, more than 90% of offices in Tokyo hold fewer than 30 employees. Thus, these properties provide a more diversified tenant base compared to larger buildings, enabling us to furnishing stable and attractive investment opportunities for the well-informed investor.

Furthermore, we have identified the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations as one of the material topics for our business and promoted reducing environmental burden and cooperating with stakeholders. We have continuously implemented Customer Satisfaction (CS) surveys for our tenants on a regular basis and are striving our unitholders’ profit growth in the mid-and-long term through CS-oriented asset / property management with advantage of our portfolio scale.

We are aiming at the robust portfolio expansion by asset size growth, continuing stable financial management and sincerely thank you for your support.

Executive Director Kenedix Office Investment Corporation Hikaru Teramoto
Executive Director
Kenedix Office Investment Corporation